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Service capability

The Service and Calibration Laboratory in Reinach has been specifically developed to meet the needs of our Swiss customer and, whilst fully traceable to National Standards, is intended to be flexible in its' approach to providing practical service solutions.

This commitment is an extension of the collaborative culture of our company and ensures that essential back-up is always available to a time-scale that meets the needs of every industry sector. In parallel with the Bronkhorst High-Tech 24 hour / 7 days a week Help Line we can provide in-house services that include same-day, next-day and standard 5 to 10 day turn-around.


Air-conditioned laboratory

consisting of:

  • Calibration place
  • Reference devices  
  • 3 Calibration tubes for gases
  • 1 Purge meter
  • 1 Calibration place for liquid

To the equipment of our service laboratory belong:




  • Calibration tubes for gases
  • Suction apparatus
  • Special soldering station
  • Calibration place for Liquids

The devices are calibrated according to standard with air or with water. However possible the mass flow measurers for gases can be calibrated with genuine gas at Bronkhorst headquarters in Ruurlo. Each equipment receives a calibration certificate. The devices are pressure and also leaktested.

Servicing time

A normal calibration order lasts approx. 10 working days. In special cases also an express calibration is within 2-3 working days possible. These require however previous tuning with Bronkhorst (Schweiz) AG, just as a possible examinations with you locally.

Contaminating explanation

Bronkhorst is responsible for the health and security of its employees. For this reason we require a explanation of contamination for all orders. Here you can download our safety information for the return of decontaminated instruments and components.

Further activities of our service staff

  • Help for start-ups
  • Eliminations of errors locally
  • Service of foreign makes
  • Production of small series
  • Clarifications of technical questions
  • Service at Badger meter control valves
  • etc.

If you should have any requests or questions to our service possibilities, then we ask to contact you us.

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