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Bronkhorst® Mass Flow Meters/Controllers can be directly used as PROFIBUS DP slaves. By using the SPC3-Asic of Siemens Baud rates of up to 12 MBaud can be achieved.


  • Baud rates from 9,6 kBaud up to 12 MBaud
  • +15 Vdc or +24 Vdc supply voltage
  • modular slave with max. 50 data modules
  • flexibility of data-configuration by selecting suitable modules
  • parameter-data setting by means of a configuration tool is supported
  • max. 244 Bytes input and max. 244 Bytes output
  • freeze and synchronization is supported
  • connection to PROFIBUS DP by means of Sub-D-9 connector
  • PROFIBUS DP slaves, using SPC3-chip, automatically adapt to baudrates determined by the master
  • station-address setting by microswitch on instrument
  • tooling software or PROFIBUS DP Master configuration software
  • galvanic isolation up to 500 V (for data lines)
  • connection of max. 124 instruments 1 bus
  • maximum bus length 1200 metres at 9,6 kBaud, 100 metres at 12 MBaud


The PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. granted Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. certificates for their PROFIBUS Slaves MBC2 and MBC3.

Download GSD file for meters/controllers >>

Download GSD file for Gateway >>

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Mass Flow Controller (MFC) with Profibus-DP Interface PROFIBUS DP Gateway
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