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Mass Flow Surface Mount Solutions


Many customers are looking for solutions of combining various functions into one compact design. In close co-operation with a number of customers Bronkhorst developed the FLOW-SMS series. On a compact, lightweight but still rugged mounting rail system one or more mass flow or pressure sensor modules can be combined with control valves, shut-off valves, mixing chambers, filters or any other functional module as per customer's request. The specifications are open for discussion. The ranges for the flow sensor can be selected between approx. 5 mln/min up to 50 ln/min or even higher. In case a pressure sensor is included, the pressure range can be chosen between 0-100 mbar and 0-10 bar absolute or gauge. Depending on the application the customer may prefer a system with compression type couplings, face seal fittings or flanges according to customers' specification. On request, the system will be assembled, tested, and packaged in a cleanroom. Because of the infinite number of possible solutions, we recommend you to contact our nearest distributor to discuss your application.

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  • Compact assembly ensures space efficiency
  • Economical solution, low cost of ownership
  • Tubeless construction reduces potential leak points
  • Service friendly; easily accessible from the top (top-mount functional modules)
  • Great flexibility regarding system extension or modification
  • Pre-tested "Plug and Play" units, reducing custom
    testing requirements
  • Analog or digital communication (RS232, CANopen®, DeviceNet™,


The FLOW-SMS Series has great potential in many different markets, for instance in:

  • Vacuum, plasma, sputter and coating processes
  • Semiconductor and solar cell production
  • Catalyst test benches
  • Burner control (welding)
  • Biotechnological and chemical installations
  • Food and beverage processes


For more information see our "FLOW-SMS brochure"

Example of Flow-SMSExample of Flow-SMSExample of Flow-SMSExample of Flow-SMSExample of Flow-SMS
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