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Improved dosing applications using Coriolis instruments with CORI-FILL™ technology

How to overcome the disadvantages of using weighing scales? How to shorten production time whilst improving the quality of the final product? The integration of (mini) CORI-FLOW™ instruments in your production line offers unprecedented improvement to process efficiency.

CORI-FILL™ technology features an integrated batch counter function together with the facility to directly control shut-off valves, proportional valves or (gear) pumps. Due to this technology, Bronkhorst can offer compact assemblies of (mini) CORI-FLOW™ instruments combined with a valve or pump, capable of dosing the exact desired amount of fluid.

In contrast to the gravimetric method (weighing scales), multiple fluids can be dosed simultaneously. Furthermore the scales need to be re-zeroed when switching from one fluid to another, whereas instruments with CORI-FILL™ technology just require a short reset command to start the next batch. The amount to be dosed can be easily preset by programming the batch counter via a fieldbus connection. This batching method is faster and more compact than the gravimetric method, and highly accurate.

As a result of their small footprint it is possible to mount the (mini) CORI-FLOW™ instruments directly to the shut-off valves, thereby minimizing the internal volume, resulting in a fast response time and the highest accuracy (minimum delay-effects in the piping).


  • Reduced production time due to simultaneous dosing of compounds.
  • Improved product quality due to less evaporation of volatile fluids.
  • Compact solution due to small footprint, without extended tubing between flow meter and valve or pump.
  • Reduced risk of gas inclusion that can cause delay effects.
  • High accuracy due to Coriolis technique and compact assembly.
  • Automatic overrun correction.
  • Fast response times (to less than 0.5 sec.).
  • Mass and volume dosage possible (using density information).
  • Less overhead for PLC/operating system thanks to CORI-FILL™ technology using integrated batch counter and direct actuator control.

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Pharma, chemical, food & beverage

Dosage of additives, fragrances, flavours, colorants, H2O2 (for sterilisation) in continuous or batch blending processes.

For more information see our brochure "CORI-FILL, Compact Fluid Dosage Assembly"


mini CORI-FLOW and shut-off valve assembly for batching
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