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Food, Beverage and Pharma

In the Food, Beverage and Pharma Industries - including Biotechnology - there are many applications in which gases or liquids must be measured or controlled. Bronkhorst has a wide range of products to cope with the requirements from this market. Typical examples of applications are aeration of liquids, dosage of additives (flavour, colourant, vitamins, odorants), fermentation process control, disinfection and PH-level adjustment to improve the taste of (drinking) water (using CO2), sealing, coating and sterilisation/aseptisation of packaging (cartons, PET bottles, glass bottles, etc.) for (e.g) juice or dairy products (milk, yogurt, etc.) and blanketing with inert gases (nitrogen, argon) to increase the shelf life of packaged food products.



Application Note Ice Cream Aeration
Application Note Flavouring Dosing
Application Note Micro Reactor Technology (Mikroreaktortechnologie)

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