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Company Profile

Product range

Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., established in 1981, offers the most extensive product range of thermal mass flow meters and controllers on the market. Numerous styles of both standard and bespoke instruments can be offered for applications in laboratory, industrial and hazardous areas.
The full scale measuring range (with 50:1 turn-down) for these instruments can be selected between 0-1 mln/min and 0-11000 m3n/h for gases and 0-100 mg/h up to 0-20 kg/h for liquids. Furthermore Bronkhorst offers pressure transducers and controllers with a minimum range of 0-100 mbar and a maximum range of 0-400 bar.
In 2008 Bronkhorst introduced a newly developed series of compact Coriolis Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases and liquids. These instruments have a measurement capability between 0,1 g/h and 600 kg/h. Also, Bronkhorst developed a series of ultra-compact, chip-sensor based instruments for gas flow and pressure measurement and control, the IQ+FLOW Series.

Global marketing and support

Bronkhorst is a truly world-wide organisation with its Headquarters being located in the town of Ruurlo in The Netherlands. With a total (worldwide) head-count now exceeding approx. 600 employees, it is impressive that 70 of these are involved with R&D and 40 involved with after-sales service and customer care.


David Peyer
Managing Director
Bronkhorst (Schweiz) AG

In actual fact, the Customer Service Department offers "round-the-clock" support, seven days a week, to customers in every corner of the world. In addition to the sales office in Veenendaal of The Netherlands there are branch offices in Great Britain, France, Switzerland, northern Germany, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the USA, whereby local expertise and service is offered. Bronkhorst has also built up an extensive complementary network of distributors and service stations across the rest of Europe and, indeed, yet further representation in such countries as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, India, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina.


Customer satisfaction, innovation and quality of product and service have been the cornerstones of Bronkhorst's success. In 1987 the company obtained the Koning Willem I Award for a young successful enterprise and in 1992 the company was certified to ISO 9001 with ISO 14001 (International Standard for environmental management) following three years later. Throughout the years our ongoing commitment was rewarded by certification to the most recent Quality Management System, currently ISO 9001:2015.

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