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Testing and adjusting motorized power equipment

This is a highly interesting application for mini CORI-FLOWs. Several instruments of type M14 are already in use in the field to accurately adjust the 2-stroke engines for all kinds of power tools for outdoor use.

Traditional methods, using only CO/CO2 concentration measurement at the engine exhaust, are extended with fuel flow meters between the fuel tank and the engine. With atmospheric inlet pressure the fuel pump will suck the fuel through the flow meter into the engine. An exact fuel flow measurement with an accuracy of up to 0.2% reading ± zero stability can be guaranteed.

An M14 mini CORI-FLOW™ instrument can measure fuel flows from 30 g/h...30 kg/h. The actual needed flow rate will depend on the type of engine. For example chainsaws will use flow rates up to 1 kg/h, and weed eaters up to 0.5 kg/h.


Because mini CORI-FLOW™ instruments are multi-variable flowmeters, density and temperature measurement will be available at the same time. In fact everywhere where fuel powered engines are used, this type of application can be found. The hardest parameter to predict are unburned Hydrocarbons, but with accurate fuel flow this is easy.
The engine testing is performed for two reasons, both of which are important. 1. Emissions, 2. Quality. Using previously collected data, it is possible to accurately correlate fuel flow to unburned Hydrocarbons, CO and CO2 and engine speed.

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