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Pharmaceutical Ingredient Control

A leading healthcare company improved their method to produce Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) for a small-scale-production located in a mini-plant. This procedure is unique and will lead the way to the future.

Until recently the process was ran through a single diaphragma pump without any flow control. This setup was not capable to deliver the required high flow rates. Beside this another undesirable effect emerged. The pump generated a high level of pulsation which led to serious problems in process handling.

The new aproach consists a mini CORI-FLOW M15 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter coupled with a three-piston diaphragm pump to dose a precise amount of chemical compound with different solids content in a reaction loop. The application is very demanding due to high requirements in process speeds and stability.

The customer is acting with wide range of expertise in Flow Chemistry. Therefore their expectation in our contributed part was quite pinned up. After a few process runs it became clear that the pump-controlled-dosing system will be worth it. The PID-controlled LEWA LDB3 pump and the M15 Sensor work perfectly together and deliver accurate and stable flow in each process condition. The new setup offers advanced capabilities with a large degree of flexibility which leads to lower consumption and costs.

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